Blind Cold Terror - Halloween Horror Night XV

Guess what? You've been invited to one funky rave. The undead really know how to throw a great party. This was my favorite of the seven mazes, mostly for the elaborate effects. Set off in a Universal Studios Florida soundstage adjacent to Islands of Adventure, you get wowed from the get-go here. Walk in and the first hallway features a plexiglass ceiling. Above you, fluorescent-lit scare actors with indistinguishable features and flowing robes, seem to glide around you. If there's one creepy image that you will take back home from HHN XV, it may very well be this, bloodless yet no doubt bloodcurdling visage of phantomry at its finest.

It doesn't let up from there. Making great use of black and white paint and blinding flash lighting, one all-white room features random explosions of light that allow the scare actors to make startling moves. Another room features scare actors in black and white clothing (even breathable stockings over their heads to truly blend in) set up perfectly against walls that feature their wavy black and white patterns. Wicked strobe flickers accent that brilliant room's off-kilter madness.

Yet another room, making me and my South Beach digs feel at home, was a foam rave. Suds of bubbles oozed over the floor and were being pumped out. This could have been a slippery mess but it was done with great attention to safety in the detail. All in all, the perfect haunted maze.

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