Blood Ruins - Halloween Horror Night XV

Slaughterhouses always make for creepy haunted house settings. I remember I was way too young and impressionable when my dad made the mistake of taking us all out to a chicken slaughterhouse in Georgia. There was nothing as scary as a KFC bucket to me after that -- at least for a month or two until it dawned on me that I didn't have the mettle to go vegan.

However, whether you are a carnivore or herbivore, slaughterhouses make perfect creep out fodder because it's a real house of death. Animals do get done in on the long way from farm to early bird platter special. So even though many of the displays seemed to be animal-based, despite the creepy "Motel Hell" intentions of Blood Ruins, it was genuinely freaky to see bloodthirsty scare actors tending to them. Creepy extraction devices and a surprisingly roomy feel to what had otherwise been rather cramped scare mazes made this one effective eye candy.

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