Body Collectors - Halloween Horror Night XV

Inside the Jurassic Park Discovery Center, the same place that houses happy dinosaur exhibits, raptor hatchings and the "You Bet Jurassic" game by day, terror lurks at night. Because of its setting, off to the side of this iconic building, I had built up my expectations high for this particular haunted maze.

This was the last maze that we hit before the sun ditched the day. That certainly isn't an excuse as the mazes are all indoors. Still, the crowds were real light at the time so the spread out crowd probably ate up some of the intensity when you're just a sea of people stumbling towards a cramped exit.

The greeting Collector (think of the person in the famous "Scream" painting, only decked out with fine funeral duds ala Phantasm, and wide Jim Carey "Mask" like grin) had so much promise and some of the gory scenes were truly haunting. A live "collector" pulling out the spine of a live "actress" was a very neat effect. Quivering body bags? Oh my. The end, where "collectors" go about with air blasting blowers really get a jolt out of you as you dart off to the last of the exit signs.

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