It's hard to avoid Citywalk. Whether you park at one of the Universal Orlando garages, opt to valet park or grab one of the shuttles from the convenient on-site resort hotels, you will have to walk through Citywalk to get to either Islands of Adventure or Universal Studios Florida. You will also have to walk through Citywalk on the way out.

You will be seeing two different Citywalks. In the morning it is ripe with stores selling souvenirs, eclectic gifts and athletic collectibles. Starbucks will be doing brisk business. At night Citywalk becomes an inviting hotspot of quality restaurants and nightclub excitement. From the legendary Emeril's to the laid back cheeseburgers and frozen margarita oasis of Jimmy Buffett's Margaritville you won't be short on options to eat and kick back after a day of strolling through the park. They are also open for lunch -- with the surprisingly great NBA City and the popular Hard Rock Café and new Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. being just steps away from the Islands of Adventure gate in case you want a mid-day break.

Yet at night Citywalk's nightclubs come alive. From the hip dance stylings of Groove to the salsa, mambo and meringue haven of Latin Quarter to the newest addition -- a comedy club and the Red Coconut Club lounge -- you can pay one small cover price that will let you enter in and out of the various establishments at will (naturally you won't have to pay a cover if all you want to do is eat or go through the various shops).

Citywalk works. Not only is it a great place to unwind after a busy day but it's also a great way to avoid car traffic when the park closes. As folks scurry on out, why not go grab a bite there -- or screen the latest flick at the Loews multiplex.

Stay onsite at Portofino Bay Hotel

Stay onsite at Hard Rock Hotel

Stay onsite at Royal Pacific Resort

By booking your stay at one of the three onsite resorts you will not only be staying a short walk or complimentary boat ride from the park -- you will also receive the Universal Express Front-of-the-Line benefit to avoid long lines and get on your favorite rides as well as be able to enjoy Citywalk without having to drive back home at night.

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