Demon Cantina- Halloween Horror Night XV

The sun was still out and the crowds were still light when we arrived at our first haunted maze of the night. Demon Cantina was tucked away in Marvel Super Hero Island, off to the side of the entrance to Dr. Doom's Fearfall.

Themed as a biker cantina with dementia as the drink special, the tricked out soundstage knew how to make an impression in a hurry. A robotic figure off to the entrance would lean over into a barrel and puke some fierce liquid every so often. Pantera and other death metal tracks blare out.

Once inside, a buxom barmaid in a caged bar would slam about her confines, grunting away and making menacing sneers. I guess a Shirley Temple would be out of the question. The next room featured a billiard parlor game gone awry. Stools were tossed on top of the pool table and more of the Mad Max offshoots patrolling Marvel were scattered about the house, always at the ready to jump out of nowhere to send patrons scurrying about. One of the best scares was in the bathroom, where hobbled bodies are surrendering their innards into the stalls yet one has a live actor that will jump out at you. Having done Demon Cantina twice, the second time it truly smelled like a dive bar bathroom. Sensory theming or had some guests wet their pants? It's a moral victory on both counts.

I'm not sure if I picked up all of the thematic touches. Catacombs in a cantina? Towards the end of the maze you are walking through the prep kitchen where butchers are hacking away at bloodied up corpses that are hanging. So, yes, it's like a biker bar from hell that -- in the spirit of Soylent Green -- is serving up people in its foodstuffs.

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