Dr. Doom's Fearfall

Want a good view of the park? Willing to skip a beat to see it? Dr. Doom's Fearfall is the tallest attraction in the park -- with its pair of inviting  199 foot tall tower. 16 guests sitting in four rows of four seats shoot up about 160 feet high only to gently work their way down, and up, and down, etc.

Why? As you make your way through the queue area Dr. Doom's plan unfold. As you watch propaganda newsreel style footage of folks, goosestep marching four by four into Dr. Doom's fear-draining pit his modus operandi is simple -- scare the world into submission.

So you will ultimately find yourself sitting outside, feet dangling freely beneath you, staring into the sinister mug of Dr. Doom himself as the room fills up with smoke and away you go. You will be thrust upward at a couple G's. The rest is a breeze (a nice one if the wind is blowing just right).

Apparently, Dr. Doom believes that this will strip you of your fear. I think it will strip you of your lunch. But seriously, the ride is not as ominous as it looks and you're bound to hear an "Is that it" from someone in your party as you land. Because you get shot up, unlike some tower rides where you are raised slowly to the top and released, you might be right to wonder why this was called FearFall instead of FearShot. Anyway, Space Shot rides tend to be slow loaders. So even with dual towers expect to wait a good bit on this unless you hit this first thing in the morning. TIP -- If you don't mind riding alone, ask the attendant at the front of the ride about the single riders line. You'll wait a lot less as you are guided towards a shorter line upstairs that boards right onto the platform as empty seats arise. (You must be 52 inches tall to ride) Baby Swap -- This is one of the more drab baby swap areas in the park -- mostly unthemed and located at the end of the queue where the towers are loaded, launched and unloaded. You can go through the regular line and then move off to the Baby Swap area -- but ask the attendant up front in case they want you to take the shortcut and come in through the exit.

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