You Must Be This Tall. . .

Did you click here first? I know the feeling. The old height stick is a pretty important factor in any family vacation. You want to get your child excited, but you don't want to build up an attraction only to find them in tears by the height stick. Okay, let's get into them then, shall we. . .

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey -- 48 inches

Dragon Challenge -- 54 inches

Jurassic Park River Adventure -- 42 inches

Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls -- 44 inches

Incredible Hulk Coaster -- 54 inches

The Adventures of Spider-Man -- 40 inches

Popeye & Bluto's Bilge-Rat Barges -- 42 inches (was 48 inches until 2002)

Pteranodon Flyers -- 36 to 56 inches (no adult riders without children)

Flight of the Hippogriff -- 36 inches

Dr. Doom's Fearfall -- 52 inches

Note that you will get slightly wet in Jurassic Park, fairly wet in Dudley Do-Right and absolutely soaked in Popeye. The interactive play areas in If I Ran the Zoo and Camp Jurassic also have water areas. You may want to pack a second set of clothes (especially for young children).

Baby Swap

Remember those two words. If you come across a ride that you really want to go on but one that your child is either too small for or too scared to try, as long as you are travelling with another responsible adult (spouse, friend, etc.) all hope is not lost. Simply go to the attendant nearest the ride entrance and explain you wish to do a Baby Swap. That way, one adult will ride, then watch the child as the other adult rides. That's right, this way you only have to make the line once.

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