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Welcome aboard fellow Islanders! Since 1998, this unofficial site has dedicated itself to providing in-depth and unbiased information on the rides and attractions that fill up this incredible phase of the Universal Orlando expansion, right next to Universal Studios Florida. From its first attractions to the June 18, 2010 opening of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, we've got you covered. Why is Islands of Adventure so spectacular? How can you make the trip memorable for the entire family? Read on -- it's why we're here!

We've been on all of the rides, eaten at all of the restaurants, and stayed at all of the resort hotels. Really. This guide will help you explore the park with descriptions, reviews, and tips to make your next trip to Islands of Adventure in Orlando, Florida, your best trip ever.

The links on the right of every page will help you get around. From the penny pinching guide in Park Info to the kid meals directory in our Food area, if you've got a question the chances are better than fair that we've got the answer.





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