Low-Carb Dining at Islands of Adventure

Yes, the Atkins Diet has taken the country by storm and a lot of folks are watching their carb intake. Scaling back on carbohydrates used to be a nightmare at a theme park where fried and dough-based foods fill the menu but not at Islands of Adventure. At both of the table service restaurants in the park you can be treated to some Atkins-friendly eats! Their latest menus include the net carbs of some of their more appropriate dishes.

Confisco Grille Low-Carb Menu

-Traveler's Cobb Salad - 10 net carbs ($11.99)

-Chicken & Vegetable Casoulet - 9 net carbs ($12.95)

-- vegetarian style with Portebello mushrooms is also available

-Confisco's Chicken Caesar Salad - 8 net carbs ($9.99)

-Sizzling Steak Salad - 10 net carbs ($11.99)

Char-Grilled Mahi Mahi - 8 net carbs ($18.99)

Mythos Low-Carb Menu

-Shoulder Center Cut Tender Filet - 8.25 net carbs ($17.50)

-Seared Sea Scallops - 9.38 net carbs ($13.95)

-Creamy Mushroom Cappucino - 8 net carbs ($4.75)

-Mythos Hot Wings - 2.53 net carbs ($8.95)

-Hearts of Romaine Caesar Salad - 1.73 net carbs ($6.95)

-Baby Spinash Salad - 4.42 net carbs ($5.00)

-- with grilled chicken, scallops, or beef ($5.45)

-- with grilled shrimp or salmon ($7.45)

-Cedar Planked Bay of Fundy Salmon - 11.50 net carbs ($18.50)

Don't want to spend that kind of money? Don't have time to wait to be served on? Don't worry, here's a list showing where you can find some other Atkins-friendly food items.

Hamburger - Confisco's Grill, Captain America Diner, Wimpy's, Burger Digs, Mythos

Cheeseburger - Captain America Diner, Green Eggs and Ham, Wimpy's (also double cheeseburger), Burger Digs

Hot Dogs - Dagwood's (1/2 pounder -- also available with chili), Wimpy's (also available with chili)

Chicken - Circus McGurkus (fried chicken), Thunder Falls (Rotisserie Chicken -- 1/4 or 1/2)

Salad - Circus McGurkus (garden salad, fruit and chicken or chicken caesar) Green Eggs and Ham (Garden Salad), Pizza Predattoria (Caesar salad, Caesar salad on a pizza crust too), Thunder Falls (Garden Salad, or Rotisserie Chicken Salad), Enchanted Oak Tavern (Garden Salad)

Ribs - Enchanted Oak Tavern

Need help finding these places or want to learn more? Check out our Food page. Also, check out the Kid Meals Directory!

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