Music of the Night at Portofino Bay

Musica della Notte a Primavera - or Music of the Night to those of us who don't quite speak Italian - made its debut in March of 2005 at the Portofino Bay Hotel. Every night, music takes over this festive seaside-themed hotel with live strolling musicians and serenading tenors and a dramatic score that features Italian operatic classics alongside the popera hits of today. In other words, expect a lot of Andrea Boccelli.

If you have never spent time at Harbor Piazza -- Portofino's charming waterfront area -- it is rustic and oozes romantic charm. You don't have to be a guest to enjoy "Music of the Night" and it's just a quick complimentary boat ride away from the Universal Orlando theme parks (or you can walk, just past Hard Rock Hotel, and be at Portofino in roughly 15 minutes). You don't have to be staying at the hotel, though you can always check for discounted online rates if you want to stay at the high-end resort.

Food is a big part of the nightly sunset celebration. After all, it's Italian - and Mediterranean hospitality. Bellinis, Prosecco, Peroni beer, bruschetta and crackers, mini martini caprese and breadsticks wrapped with prosciutto, gorgonzola and pine nuts are all on the menu, and available at kiosks throughout the harbor.

There are three themed shows. They rotate every night so you just may have to be surprised. Romantico Night showcases the softer heartfelt tunes like "Time to Say Goodbye." Classico Night showcases the classics like "O Sole Mio." The uplifting Italian Festival Night kicks things up a notch with playful favorites like Tom Jones' version of "Volare."

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