Popeye & Bluto's Bilge-Rat Barges

Bluto is up to no good and Sweethaven has gone sour -- again. You have probably gone on the typical white water circular raft rides that are housed in just about every amusement park. These are fun, not only because of the refreshing ride, but because all of the passengers are facing each other, with a great view of the unlucky rider whose turn it is to get soaked as the floating 12-passenger vehicle randomly turns. This ride goes beyond that. You see, Popeye and Bluto are feuding again.

From the quick dip into the racing water as you leave the boarding turntable, to the wild S-curve that ensues to the audioanimatronic Popeye and Bluto duking it out -- like a spinach-fed Popeye, this ride packs quite the punch. The highlight of the attraction, beyond a great looking cave scene where Popeye is matched up against an Octopus as Sweet Pea gingerly straddles an aerial tentacle, is Bluto's Boatwash. Complete with bubbles and water as you power up the incline you are sent shot out, at a speedy 20 miles per hour (yes, that is very, very fast for a raft) through a soaking finale.

Loading an amazing 2400 passengers an hour under ideal conditions, the six minute and 15 second ride through Sweethaven will have you asking for spinach -- or a poncho! Also, beware of The Olive. You will pass by Popeye's boat, named after his lanky sweetheart, and it is stocked with water cannons for kiddies on the second floor deck to aim your way. This has "Bring a change of clothes" written all over it. It's hard to argue against this being the best of the white water genre. Popey would "tsk, tsk, tsk" you if you were to disagree. (You must be 42 inches to ride)

Baby Swap -- This Swap area might get slippery wet! It was a novel idea at first. The Baby Swap area is in a shaded area between the loading area and the exit. Unfortunately, a lot of soaked riders will pull inside the area to squeeze dry their socks or change into dry clothes and the like -- so the area can get pretty wet. You can get there by going on the regular line then just pulling over to the Swap area. You will see it to your right as you descend the final ramp just a few yards away from the actual loading area. The alternative is to come in from the Exit and you will see the area to your left. You can't miss your party as all departing guests will walk right past the area.

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