Pteranodon Flyers

You can see these beautiful two-seater pteranodons gliding around as you enter from Toon Lagoon. If swinging as high as 40 feet above Camp Jurassic for 80 seconds thrills you, prepare to pack a kid. This is the park's slowest loading attraction with a capacity of just about 200 passengers an hour. That is why the park implemented an interesting policy where only child-accompanied adults will be allowed on.

Pteranodon, kissing cousin to the better known Pterodactyl, was a winged flying dinosaur. Here, two passengers at a time ride under the Pteranodon wings, dangling in swing-style seats from a track that encircles Camp Jurassic. This may very well prove to be a split family favorite, with one parent tending to an infant or toddler in Camp Jurassic watching the other parent and older child soar overhead. The best time to ride this? Right when Camp Jurassic opens. That can be an hour or two after the rest of the park does. Check the time and arrive early. Otherwise, prepare to wait. (You must be taller than 36 inches or shorter than 56 inches to ride. Adults can only ride when accompanied by a child.)

Baby Swap -- Yes, there's a Baby Swap even on a ride where it may feel more like an "older sibling" Swap. Because of the ride's low capacity you might be better off just hanging out in the Camp Jurassic playground areas and forget the Baby Swap reride but, if you must, the waiting area is by the ride's exit -- where folks are loaded on to the ride.

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