The High in the Sky Seuss Trolley Train Ride

Replacing the troublesome Sylvester McMonkey McBean attraction that never opened , June of 2006 introduced parkgoers to the first new ride at Islands of Adventure since the summer after the park opened.

The Seuss trolley ride follows the same path as the McMonkey McBean ride, circling above Seuss Landing. It sticks to the same theme of Dr. Seuss' popular The Sneetches book with plain-bellied critters and star-bellied critters angling for status. 

Riders get a great view of Seuss Landing as they glide roughly 15 feet above the whimsical area, as well as a great photo-snapping opportunity of the park as a whole as you approach the central lagoon. There are some subtle audioanimatronic-powered sets, but the highlights for families may just be coasting above the park like a monorail -- an elevetated train almost -- and even going through the Circus McGurkus restaurant. There are two tracks, each one taking about 3 minutes and going in different directions.

And if you find yourself wondering about the moral of the story, like most things Seussical, there is a point to every colorful story. Who is Sylvester McMonkey McBean? In The Sneetches he is the opportunist who finds a town loaded with star-bellied Sneetches and plain-bellied Sneetches. The snobbish star-bellies look down on the plain-bellies and it isn't long before Sylvester cashes in on the inequality with a contraption that will add stars to the plain-bellies. Ka-ching! It doesn't end there of course. Once everyone has a starry belly, Sylvester turns to the original star-bellies and charges them to transform them to plain-bellies so they stand out again. On and on it goes. It's a fun read, but on a deeper level it is also a statement against racism. The two warring factions are only opposed to each other due to whether they have a star on their belly or not. 

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