Where to Shop

Did you hear the one about the park that didn't take full advantage of the lucrative merchandising possibilities? No? Well, neither did Islands of Adventure. And now you don't have to wait until you're there. Well, that is until IOA is through remodeling its online store. But if you're coming to the park to feed a crave to shop, you will have no problem finding something to take home with you.

Port of Entry

Port of Entry - This is IOA's version of Main Street USA. From film to branded souvenirs, this is where you start the day. A logical tip here -- make your Port of Entry purchases on the way out so you don't have to rent a locker or carry them around the park all day.

Seuss Landing

Dr. Seuss' All the Books you can Read - Well, if you're going to build an island based on this country's most prolific childrens book author you have to have a bookstore.

Gertrude McFuzz' Fine-Feathered Finery - This is your plush stop shop. For a special treat, shop for your favorite Dr. Seuss characters in stuffed animal mode.

Mulberry Street Store - The store sign says it all. Gizmos. Gadgets. Goodies. Galore. If it's not a Seuss plush plaything or a book, it's here in Mulberry.

The Lost Continent

Shop of Wonders - As the only freestanding store in The Lost Continent you can expect an array of themed and non-themed merchandise here. Mystic goodies, jewels, puzzles and plush.

Jurassic Park

Jurassic Outfitters - If you want the gear to look the part inside Isla Nubular this is the clothing shop for you.

Dinostore - They can't be selling real prehistoric critters here, can they? Or course not. And whatever cool trinket you may find here won't be at a prehistoric price either.

Toon Lagoon

Toon Toys - Parents, fork over your pocketbooks. It's true, why have a land devoted to animated cartoon characters if you can't sell the wares.

Wassamatta U - Ohhh, another Toon Lagoon shop. This one without the toys. Gotcha!

Marvel Super Hero Island

Comics Shop - Pick up the latest and not so latest Marvel comic books here.

The Marvel Alternative Store - This is the place for all the cool Marvel branded merchandise. Make no mistake about it, if you have older kids they will live in Marvel Super Hero Island. This is where you will find what they want to take home to tell their friends where they were this summer.