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Where to Stay?

If you're coming to Islands of Adventure, one day may not be enough to see it all. Couple that with the Universal Studios Florida theme park, Sea World, and the Disney parks and it's no wonder why folks spend days -- if not weeks -- in Orlando.

Islands of Adventure has four upscale resorts on the Universal Orlando property. You can stay at the elite Portofino Bay Resort, the jamming good Hard Rock Hotel, the tropical Royal Pacific Resort, or the newest and most economical retro chic Cabana Bay Beach Resort and never have to leave Universal Orlando. The hotels aren't cheap but Portofino, Hard Rock, and Royal Pacific offer the amazing "front of the line" perk where guests can flash their room keycards and get short lines for most of the attractions.

Too rich for your budget? Need more room? Orlando's loaded with options. We have a list of hotels that provide free shuttle service to Islands of Adventure.

One of the most popular resorts which provides a free shuttle service to Islands of Adventure is the Westgate Towers timeshare resort. The popular holiday spot also indulges guests with 3 heated outdoor pools, a restaurant and extremely large accommodations that fit the entire family or a large group of friends.

Want to stay in your own 3 or 4 bedroom poolside villa for about half the price of a Universal Orlando resort? Villas at Island Club may be the place for you, located just 5 minutes from Disney World and an easy 15 minute drive to Islands of Adventure. You'll have all the amenities of home and save a bundle on meals with your own kitchen in a resort setting.

More lodging choices? Sure. You can check out Nickelodeon's Nick Hotel with its themed rooms and colorful poolside activities. There is also a list of bargain-priced hotels in the area.




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