Islands of Adventure - Unofficial Family Guide

Sure, Islands of Adventure is the country's most technologically advanced theme park. It's got great thrills. It's got rich theming. It's a feast for senses attached to people of all ages. Great! But do you think you've seen it all? The park is full of special treats and bountiful delights that you may have missed your first, second or even tenth time around. Here are ten of my personal favorites. Trust me, there are dozens more that you will just have to discover on your own.

10 Surprises at Islands of Adventure

McElligot's Pool

If I Ran The Zoo's Trick Water Fountain

The Lorax

Circus McGurkus Circus Stupendous

Port of Entry Streetmosphere

Jurassic Park Discovery Center Museum

Mystic Fountain

Comic Strip Photo Opps

Zaxes at Sneech Beach

Popeye Piano at Me Ship, The Olive

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