The Skool - Halloween Horror Night XV

Right away, you know that these poor schoolchildren aren't getting a fair education. If you can't spell "school" right, then -- what? What's that? These kids are a demonic brood of human flesh devourers? They're not learning diddly because reading, writing and arithmetic are no match for needling, writhing and a bloodied pick? Ohhhh. That explains everything. The official description for this maze explains The Skool as a place where "it's not jack 'o lanterns that these children are carving" but, check me on this -- the very first thing you see as you enter Skool -- is a pair of flickering carved out pumpkins.

You've got to give Universal some props for the casting on this one. Most of the scare actors here certainly looked like kids. I almost felt guilty when a hot actress, decked out in pigtails and jammies to look like a young 'un, tapped into my "inner Polanski."

This establishment of lower learning was set up in a faux soundstage just off the Thunder Fall Terrace café in Jurassic Park.

Schoolyard clichés come to life later on as one room features possessed instructors whacking away on desktops, as what may have been the classroom's original teacher hangs from a noose. The only real indication that these kids were carving something other than hollowed out pumpkins came in one room where a bloodied actress was being restrained in a bed.

So, let's see here? Did these "Children of the Corn" go haywire, hack away at their teachers and take over the classroom in a fit of bloodthirsty rage? That story certainly works for me. Now I just need to make sure that the girl in pigtails was truly at least 18 so I can sleep with a clear conscience.

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